Arts in health  

The new Shellharbour Hospital project will include a comprehensive Arts and Culture Strategy to create a warm, welcoming and vibrant hospital that promotes health and wellbeing. 

The Arts and Culture Strategy will be prepared and will be included in the Business Case for the new Shellharbour Hospital. The strategy will be developed in the context of the NSW Health: Arts Framework 2016. 

Check out this article for more information about how art in health aims to improve patient, staff and carer experience in health services through cultural engagement. 


The new Shellharbour Hospital development will soon commence the next stage of project planning, exploring how arts can help deliver exciting, welcoming and dynamic spaces for patients, carers, staff and the community. Beautiful artistic spaces can also help with wayfinding and ensure indoor and outdoor spaces complement health service delivery. 

The new Shellharbour Hospital development team is working to develop an Arts in Health Strategy for the new Shellharbour Hospital.